Paladin: The Story of Augusta’s Fighter Ace

What Reviewers Are Saying

“Charles Bowen’s historical epic deftly weaves the complexities of Southern society in Augusta, Georgia, with that of wartime Suffolk, England. He paints a compelling picture of two quite different worlds brought together by war. Bowen’s tale centers on the lives of American fighter pilot Matt Tower and British WVS volunteer Vivian Davis. After a chance meeting at an RAF station near Ipswich, the two embark on an intense relationship that brings comfort from the tragedies of war but which ultimately neither of them can control. This is an impressive work of imagination set against the backdrop of the 353rd Fighter Group as part of the famed U.S. Mighty 8th Air Force during World War II. The finely drawn characters and picture of a world long gone in this romance will stay with the reader for a long time.”

– Dr. Graham Cross, Ely, Cambridgeshire UK, author of Slybirds: A Photographic Odyssey of the 353rd Fighter Group During the Second World War

“The choices confronting Army Air Corps pilot Matt Tower are equally harrowing – facing a swarm of Nazi fighters over World War II Europe or falling for the charms of an English maiden, or both. Author Charles Bowen cleverly weaves an intriguing story of war and romance in Paladin. The Mighty 8th Air Force was well-engaged in the fight for Europe when Tower joined the fray. The young Georgian was as much focused on bolstering his reputation as an aggressive warrior as he was in embracing English culture, food and at least one particular lady. Bowen captures the essence of war and foreign service that will keep readers engaged to the end.”

– Bob Young, Augusta, Georgia USA, award-winning author, historian and actor

“Charles Bowen’s style of writing is smooth. His introduction of the romantic side is sneaky and caught me off-guard. He has all the fighter jocks’ slang down perfectly…. His first book is historically factual, fictionally amusing and entertaining.”

– Bill Baab, Augusta, Georgia USA, author and historian

“From the moment you come on board, you’ll feel like a key part of the 353rd Fighter Group. Matt Tower will take you for a thrilling ride you won’t forget.”

– Bill Phillips, Augusta, Georgia USA, two-time Porter Fleming Literary Award winner

“Settle in for the first story in the adventures of fighter ace Matt Tower’s humble beginnings in Augusta, Georgia, to becoming a beloved Paladin of the 353rd Fighter Group in World War II.”

– Cheryl Corbin, Hephzibah, Georgia USA, Authors Club of Augusta