Paladin: The Story of Augusta's Fighter Ace
by Charles W. Bowen

Paladin: The Story of Augusta’s Fighter Ace is a suspenseful historical romance novel about a young hero from Augusta, Georgia USA, who sets off for 1940s England and becomes a World War II fighter ace with the 353 rd Fighter Group, part of the U.S. Mighty 8th Air Force waging war in the troubled skies over Nazi-occupied Europe. Between death-defying aerial dogfights, our hero, Matt Tower, by happenstance meets and quickly falls in love with a young woman. Vivian Davis, a uniformed British Women’s Voluntary Service member, has suffered horrible losses and at first is reluctant to return Matt’s affections. What follows is a sizzling courtship with Matt and Vivie facing terrible danger from gunfire during a German air raid on the streets of Ipswich in Suffolk, England. Numerous wartime adventures ensue with the reader flung headlong into Matt and Vivie’s dangerous world. Paladin: The Story of Augusta’s Fighter Ace is the first in Augusta author Charles W. Bowen’s Wars of Matt Tower adventure series. 

Bowen’s second novel in the series, Thorns in the Garden City, is set for release in 2023.

Thorns in the Garden City by Charles W. Bowen

Thorns in the Garden City is the exciting conclusion to the story begun in Paladin, The Story Of Augusta’s Fighter Ace. Matt Tower, a decorated Air Force Captain, returns from his base in England to his native Augusta, Georgia. The city still suffers from decades of political and law enforcement corruption and economic stagnation, and Matt will be drawn into new dangers against an industrial power structure determined to keep its substantial labor pool isolated from competitive employment. As the drive to liberate and progress the city intensifies a college lady love reenters his life, chasing him until he catches her. But in time events in England he considered lost to memories will unexpectedly resurface bringing dramatic changes in his life. This ‘must read’ will definitely keep the pages turning. In this compelling, well written story, the reader quickly becomes a part of it, a willing captive to the family, drama, and fascinating historical base through its conclusion. In spite of the captivation the reader will have to resist the temptation to sneak a peek at the final chapters.

And still to come...

The dramatic story of the last days of Hitler’s Third Reich chronicles the extraordinary risk taken by Horst, Hilda and Paul to save what was left of their country. In addition to the personal lives of these three, this historical romance novel will give the reader insight on the tunnels of new catastrophic destructive weapons hidden in the files of Europe’s post WW-2 history. You’ll see, once started it will be extremely difficult to put this book down.